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  • Virtual Party Parent Testimonial

    "Yesterday, Lovlee Art Studios hosted my daughter's Virtual Birthday party. She created an art project for the kids to do with materials they had at home. I was worried about the chaos of a large group of kids on Zoom, but she kept them engaged and they all had a blast. I also love that there was enough flexibility in the project for the kids to express themselves and each one made their own unique version. Lovlee, thank you for allowing us to give our daughter a birthday party to remember when one didn't seem possible. I highly recommend Lovlee Art Studios!!" ~ Jo F.

    Virtual Party Parent Testimonial

    "We had a virtual Zoom party with Lovlee Art Studios for our son's birthday during quarantine and it was great! The supplies came in adorable gift bags for each child and they each had a personalized canvas with their initials. Lovlee walked them through their art projects and even read them a story when the finished early. Definitely recommend." 🙂 ~ N. Solano

    Virtual Party Parent Testimonial

    "Highly recommend Lovlee Art Studios. Lovlee helped organize my boys 7th virtual art birthday party and it was an absolute hit. Right from recommending and putting together an age appropriate, fun theme, she also went through lengths to work out details for the party, including music and pictures and all she could. I have had a number of people inquiring about the party and hopefully there will be a lot of new clients.
    Thank you for helping us celebrate my kids special day with their friends, especially given the times." ~ D. Desai